International conference

“Open Europe: Open Data for Open Society”

18th-19th of February, 2015, Riga & Jelgava (Latvia)

atbalstitaji_ENLatvian Open Technology Association (LATA) in collaboration with the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS and the public participation platform organizes international conference “Open Europe: Open Data for Open Society” taking place 18th-19th of February, 2015, Riga & Jelgava. The conference is financed by the Latvian state. The conference is included into official agenda of Presidency.

The event aims to promote the the development and strengthening of the Information Society in Europe. During the event there will be organized a high-level international conference with a discussion panel on open society, attended by 200 participants from 16 EU Member States.

Target group of the event is the European Union Member States’ experts who participate in an open public policy-making in Member States and at EU level, as well as promoting the use of open data, which serves as an important precursor to both enhanced feedback between citizens and the state and the innovation economy. Target group consists of  public, private and non-governmental sector.

International Expert Panel Discussion, February 18, 2015

Participants’ knowledge synergies during discussions will be resulted in proposals for open data and “open policy” solution for planning and  contribution to the EU-level policy initiatives in the development and regulation of the European Citizens’ Initiative and the Digital Agenda for Europe.

Agenda and Experts

Discussion video: European Citizens’ Initiative, Open Data.

Photos: European Citizens’ Initiative, Open Data.

International Conference: Presentations, February 19, 2015

The conference will be a platform for the exchange of experience  for an inclusive information society development between the  public sector, business sector and the non government sector experts from European Union Member States.

Programme and Presentations

Conference video: Main Session and Session I, Session II.